Towards reconfigurable infrared metamaterials and plasmonics

报告题目:Towards reconfigurable infrared metamaterials and plasmonics

报告人:Dr. Kan Yao,University of Texas at Austin

报告时间:201996日(星期五) 1400



报告摘要: The dynamic interplay between metamaterials and plasmonics has enabled many innovative concepts. Despite their continuous blending, there are still several sub-fields not fully explored and limitations not yet resolved. For instance, metals do not support pronounced plasmonic resonances in the mid-/far-infrared regime; most metamaterials and plasmonic devices have fixed functionalities once fabricated. Since their optical properties rely on both the constituents and how the building blocks are shaped and organized, introducing variables, such as changeable material properties and/or reconfigurable structures, may lead to new opportunities for dynamically tunable metamaterials and plasmonics. In this talk, several possible solutions will be discussed. I will show plasmonic core/shell particles and their self-assembled clusters as infrared resonators, ultra-compact nanoantennas with switchable and unidirectional radiation properties, and tunable graphene metasurfaces for infrared light beam shaping. If time permits, I will also discuss another topic on nano optics beyond visible, namely the chiroptical sensing at ultraviolet wavelengths.

报告人简介: 姚侃博士分别于20067月、20097月在中国科学技术大学和中国科学院电子学研究所获得工学学士、硕士学位,随后在上海微系统所作为研究助理工作两年。20178月在美国东北大学电子工程系获得博士学位后加入德州大学奥斯汀分校以博士后身份继续从事研究。目前的研究兴趣主要是微纳光子学的理论及应用。