Time Uncertainties and Measurements in Quantum Theory

报告题目: Time Uncertainties and Measurements in Quantum Theory

报告人:Dr. Luis Pedro García-Pintos (JQI and QuICS, University of Maryland, US)

报告时间:20191112日(星期二) 下午300-400



报告摘要:Measurements have a special role in quantum theory, affecting the state of the system. The measurement problem refers to the difficulties in properly understanding how an event -that is, a measurement producing an outcome- can be defined within unitary quantum theory, without ad-hoc assumptions. In this talk I will present one possible solution, that rests on assuming that the Universe imposes fundamental uncertainties on the precision with which time can be measured.


Rodolfo Gambini, Luis Pedro García-Pintos, and Jorge Pullin, A single-world consistent interpretation of quantum mechanics from fundamental time and length uncertainties, Physical Review A 100, 012113 (2019).

报告人简介:Luis Pedro Garcia-Pintos is a postdoctoral researcher at the Joint Quantum Institute and QuICS, at the University of Maryland College Park. He did his MSc in his home country of Uruguay, and this PhD at the University of Bristol. He works on the dynamics of isolated quantum systems, quantum measurements, quantum thermodynamics, and the foundations of quantum mechanics.