Lorentz quantum mechanics

报告题目:Lorentz quantum mechanics


报告时间:201882 日  12:00-13:00


报告摘要:We present a theoretical framework for the dynamics of bosonic Bogoliubov quasiparticles. We call it Lorentz quantummechanics because the dynamics is a continuous complex Lorentz transformation in complex Minkowski space.In contrast, in usual quantummechanics, the dynamics is the unitary transformation in Hilbert space. In our Lorentz quantum mechanics, three types of state exist: space-like, light-like and time-like. Fundamental aspects are explored in parallel to the usual quantummechanics, such as amatrix form of a Lorentz transformation, and the construction of Pauli-like matrices for spinors. We also investigate the adiabatic evolution in thesemechanics, as well as the associated Berry curvature and Chern number. Three typical physical systems,where bosonic Bogoliubov quasi-particles and their Lorentz quantumdynamics can arise, are presented. They are a one-dimensional fermion gas, Bose–Einstein condensate (or superfluid), and one-dimensional antiferromagnet.