Fisher's wave of run-and-tumble particles in a complex environment

报告题目:Fisher's wave of run-and-tumble particles in a complex environment.


报告时间: 2019418日(星期四)下午300


报告摘要:Many theoretical works on bacterial colony expansion start from an phenomenological FKPP equation, which didn’t consider the out-of-equilibrium nature of cell motion and failed to capture the phenomenon of non-monotonic diffusivity from cells interacting with porous material. In this talk, starting from a simplest lattice model, I will first show how to obtain a FKPP-like equation for proliferating run-and-tumble particles, and the corresponding wave speed of Fisher’s wave. Then I will focus on the unusual phenomenon from the interactions between run-and-tumble particles and random obstacles in the environment, as a simplest model of bacteria swimming in the semi-solid agar gel.

ReferenceT. Bertrand, Y. Zhao, O. Benichou, J. Tailleur, R. Voituriez, "Optimized Diffusion of Run-and-Tumble Particles in Crowded Environments", Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 198103 (2018)

报告人简介:赵永峰博士2012年在北京大学物理学院取得学士学位,之后与2016年再香港大学物理系取得博士学位。 2017-2018年在巴黎第七大学复杂系统实验室从事博士后研究。他的主要研究兴趣包括非线性动力学,定量生物学,非平衡态统计物理,活性物质方向的前沿课题