Multifunctional Magnetization Control Enabled by Vectorial Beams

报告题目:Multifunctional Magnetization ControlEnabled by Vectorial Beams

报告人:聂仲泉 博士(Taiyuan University of Technology



报告摘要:Optical magnetization based on inverse Faraday effect has opened up an exciting new avenue in ultrafast and energy efficient magnetic recording technology since its discovery in 2005. However, achieving three-dimensional (3D) super-resolvedand polarization-tunablemagnetization with versatile patterns, as well as highly efficient magnetization reversal are the key challenges hindering the broad applications of optical magnetization Here, we discuss recent research progress of our group regarding multifunctional magnetization control in all-vectorial-optical fashions. Through understanding the fundamental insight of the mechanisms of optical magnetization and analyzing the origins of each magnetization components, we are able to garner diverse robust opto-magnetic architectures, including: super-oscillation magnetization, 3D super-resolved longitudinal magnetization (array), 3D supercritical resolved magnetization holography, polarization- controllable magnetization domain, and flexible magnetization reversal. Moreover, some preliminary experimental progresses on light field control and opto-magnetic imaging are illustrated. Our works simultaneously tackle the three key challenges in opto-magnetic realm and evoke broad applications in cutting-edge magnetic-optical technologies and devices.