Unconventional Pairing Induced Anomalous Transverse Shift in Andreev Reflection

报告题目: Unconventional Pairing Induced Anomalous Transverse Shift in Andreev Reflection


报告时间:20181010 日 上午 10:00-11:00

报告地点:凤鸣楼 101   (高等研究院)

报告摘要:Superconductors with unconventional pairings have been a fascinating subject of research, for which a central issue is to explore effects that can be used to characterize the pairing. The process of Andreev reflection---the reflection of an electron as a hole at a normal-mental-superconductor interface---offers a basic mechanism to probe the pairing. Here we predict that in Andreev reflection from unconventional superconductors, the reflected hole acquires an anomalous spatial shift normal to the plane of incidence, arising from the unconventional pairing. The transverse shift is sensitive to the superconducting gap structure, exhibiting characteristic features for each pairing type, and can be detected as voltage signals. Our work not only unveils a fundamentally new effect with a novel underlying mechanism, but also suggests a possible new technique capable of probing the structure of unconventional pairings.


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