High Pressure Superconductor

报告题目:High Pressure Superconductor

报告人:Siddharth Saxena博士,剑桥大学




报告摘要:Two-dimensional materials have proven to be a prolific breeding ground of new and unstudied forms of magnetism and unusual metallic states, particularly when tuned between their insulating and metallic phases. Here we present work on a new metal-to-insulator transition system FePS3. This compound is a two-dimensional van der Waals antiferromagnetic Mott insulator. We report the discovery of an insulator-metal transition in FePS3, as evidenced by x-ray diffraction and electrical transport measurements, using high pressure as a tuning parameter. Two structural phase transitions are observed in the x-ray diffraction data as a function of pressure, and resistivity measurements show evidence of the onset of a metallic state at high pressures. We propose models for the two new structures that can successfully explain the x-ray diffraction patterns.

报告人简介:Siddharth Saxena is Chairperson of the Cambridge Central Asia Forum, Director of Cambridge Kazakhstan Centre and Honorary Secretary of the Committee for Central and Inner Asia. He trained as an anthropologist, historian and a physicist. His research interests are in the areas of religion and identity, knowledge systems, social and political development and institutional history in Central Asia and the Middle East. In Physics he works on science of strongly correlated electrons, superconductivity and magnetism. He also holds a Fellow Commonership at Jesus College, University of Cambridge.  He also holds a number of Professorships, Honorary Professorships and Visiting Professorships.