Initializing a permutation-invariant quantum error-correction code

报告题目:Initializing a permutation-invariant quantum error-correction code

报告人:王艺敏博士(陆军工程大学, 通信工程学院)




报告摘要:Recently, there has been growing interest in using quantum error correction in practical devices. A centralissue in quantum error correction is the initialization of quantum data into a quantum error-correction code.Moststudies have concentrated on generating quantum codes based on their encoding quantum circuits. However, thisoften leads to a large number of steps required in the initialization, and hence this process can be prone toerrors. The purpose of this work is to demonstrate that permutation-invariant quantum error-correction codescan be created with high fidelity by exploiting their underlying symmetry. The code is initialized on multiplequbits that mutually interact or are themselves coupled to a quantum harmonic oscillator. We show that theso-called selective resonant interaction is derivable on such physical systems. By utilizing the selective resonantinteraction, these highly symmetric codes may be rapidly generated with excellent fidelity. We also discussthe potential of initializing permutation-invariant quantum error-correction codes based on the state-of-artexperimental techniques.